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Kleeneze Circles How Your Income is Calculated

The  Kleeneze Circles

Are you looking to earn money with Kleeneze?  Let me show you a simple way to earn money in our team.  Please take a few minutes to watch the Kleeneze Circles video.  My contact details are below so you can contact me if you would like to ask questions.  Thanks. D

CLICK HERE to register your interest with me.  07782 345 935


Why choose network marketing with Kleeneze?

There are certain things to look for in a good Network Marketing opportunity:

Trust in the company

More and more Network Marketing companies appear every day. Kleeneze has been a thriving, growing business for over 90 years with no signs of slowing down now! We’re also a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA). Out of the thousands of companies in this industry, there are only a few hundred that are a members of the DSA. The reason being is that the DSA require their members to abide by a high level of strict business ethics.

The products

It’s important that you’re marketing products that you believe in. Kleeneze is famed for its cleaning and household ranges of products, but we offer more than just that. Our catalogues are jam-packed full of innovative and essential products for every area of the home and garden. We sell baking and cooking equipment, food preparation, storage, laundry, ironing products, bathroom furniture, bedding, clothing, Christmas gifts, toys and beauty products. Something for absolutely everyone!

The people

Unlike traditional employment, running your own Network Marketing business means that you can chose the people you work with! Our Network is full of fun, motivated, inspiring distributors that will support your business every step of the way.

The payment plan

Kleeneze has a fantastic sales plan structure that rewards you from the very start of building your business with tools to aid your journey to cash bonuses as you make your way up the sales plan. As part of its unique offer, Kleeneze boasts an unrivalled car incentive scheme, which is highly revered in the direct selling industry, and includes some of the most prestigious models available. It gets better too, as these are yours to keep for life! Plus, every year, you can qualify for two overseas luxury five-star trips as reward for building your business.

And that’s all on top of your income

Kleeneze Madrid

Kleeneze Madrid and surround areas

Welcome to the home page Kleeneze Madrid

connect with us on Kleeneze Espana & Kleeneze Spain

Kleeneze Madrid

Kleeneze Madrid

Welcome to Kleeneze Madrid

If you are looking at joining Kleeneze in Spain please take a moment to view my website and please feel free to contact me and I will be able to discuss joining Kleeneze Spain further with you.

First and foremost, it is important to join the right person and team when deciding to get involved with Kleeneze in Spain. Once you’ve joined the business and let’s just say, you feel you’ve joined the wrong person or team.  You are unable to do anything about this and would have to leave the business for 2 years before rejoining again!

So my advice would be, don’t jump into joining just anyone, investigate, speak with the person who you will be joining and really get to know them first. Most importantly joining someone who is based in Spain is not necessarily the best thing for you and your business.    The people you join will be your partners in business and regardless of their pin level, previous successes, you need to know that you really can work in partnership with them without the pressure. You’ll need someone who has built an established reputation online and knows how to lead the way in many different countires. Our kleeneze expansion is underway and I’m sure you’d like to be part of this growth.

So, if you are interested to find out more, please feel free to connect with me and let’s take it from there. Debbie  Facebook  Twitter  Pinterest   Instagram  SKYPE: DebraGee1 07782 345 935

General information about Kleeneze Madrid

Why has Kleeneze chosen Madrid as the first country to expand into?

Mainly due to the size of the opportunity. Spain has the largest population of British and Irish ex-pats in Europe (over 500 thousand and growing), which provides a great warm market prospecting opportunity. From there, we can springboard into the wider Spanish population.

2. What products will be included?
We’ve created a dedicated catalogue of over 520 best-selling products. They include both products from Kleeneze and K Life (K Life items will be marked with the logo).

3. How does a Distributor from Spain join?
A link can be sent out through as usual. The Spanish prospect, will be asked to sign the Distributor Agreement form; this form will be in English, however, there will be a Spanish copy available for reference. The Starter Kit costs €35 for 50 Kleeneze Espana catalogues and includes order forms and snap cat bags. The Distributor will be able to choose whether they have English or Spanish catalogues and order forms. They will be able to purchase more catalogues should they wish to. During the introductory phase, the catalogues will be €20.

4. Will the product commission and Sales Plan be the same as the one in the UK and ROI?
Yes, all the basics such as commission, bonuses and Sales Plan movement remain exactly the same.

5. Will Spanish-registered Distributors have a trading account?

Yes, throughout the introductory phase, all business trading accounts will be a maximum of €250.

Retail and Ordering regarding Kleeneze Madrid

1. When will products be available to order in Spain?
From Monday 17th October

2. What are the delivery/handling charges?
€7.50 per order

3. How many times a week can a Spanish registered account order?
During the introductory phase, orders can be placed at any time and they will be processed once a week with delivery taking 5 working days from order processing day.

4. Will deliveries be made to non-Mainland Spain (Eg; Balearics, Canaries, etc)?
Not initially, however, as the opportunity expands, it may be available in the future
Please note that deliveries to Gibraltar will not be allowed initially.

5. Will dropship be available?
Initially, dropship will not be available to Spanish Distributors or available for UK/ROI Distributors to dropship to Spain.

6. Is blanket dropping advisable?
Due to Spanish regulations blanket dropping of catalogues through house letter boxes is not advisable, and in some cases, not permitted. However, presenting the catalogue to people at the doorstep is. In both cases, it is the responsibility of the Distributor to find out if any local regulations and restrictions exist and many areas do not allow anyone to pass over the threshold (land perimeter) of a dwelling. Friends and family are always a great source of sales.

7. How do I return items?

Online and eCommerce Regarding Kleeneze Madrid

1. What services will be available for Spanish accounts?
Ordering Site and all standard facilities and information available to all UK & ROI accounts The DSA will be available from phase 2.

2. Will e-commerce websites be available in Spain?

Initially the K Life and Kleeneze shops will not be available.

3. Are there any restrictions on social media in Spain?
The guidelines around social media remain the same as the UK / ROI. Please consult your business manual for full details.

4. Will Spanish Distributors require a Spanish bank account?
Yes, all Distributors in Spain will require a Spanish bank account in order for commissions to be paid.

Recruitment information Kleeneze Madrid

1. Can anyone recruit in Kleeneze Spain?

Yes, anyone can recruit in Spain; the usual age restrictions apply.

2. When will recruitment start in Madrid?
From Monday 3rd October.

3. Can Distributors in Spain qualify for any of the Kleeneze incentives?
Yes, all the incentives from Sales Plans to Destinations and the Car plan are available for everyone to qualify for. Welcome Rewards are also available with the Spanish catalogue pack as an incentive.

4. What can I do until 3rd October?
Our advice would be to avoid spamming / bombarding people on social media. This has a detrimental effect on recruitment as well as contravening the compliance rules of most Social Media sites, instead we would advise traditional network marketing. Speak to as many people you know about the opportunity as the chances are someone will know someone who lives in Spain who could be interested. Speak to your sponsor for any advice you need.

5. Will I be able to advertise and sell products through social media sites etc. in Spain?
Yes, you can advertise and sell products via social media sites as many people do in the UK & Ireland (then let them have the online catalogue to build a larger local order), however, we advise that you only do this in local groups so you can personally deliver the product to your customer and avoid expensive postage costs.
If you use the Kleeneze brand name in any communications you must state that you are an Independent Kleeneze Distributor.

Kleeneze Training from around the network


Kleeneze training from Lorraine. All of us come into this business with some sort of goal/ target of what we want to achieve. For us it was simply to earn £50 a month to be able to by new shoes for our two children. It doesn’t matter how big or small your goal is – it needs to be personal to you and have emotion attached to it. Most people’s goals in the early days are monetary ones – but it is what you want to use that money for, and how it is going to change your life that will be your driver in this business. Remember, your goals will gradually change over time, so it is important to revisit them often. Have your goals in your face with pictures/vision boards etc. Let them become part of your sub-conscious, and put a date on when you want to achieve them by. You will then start to attract your goals into your life and set a path to start to achieve them.


All the most successful business models in the world have a proven system. We are no different. By having a system to follow, it means people from all walks of life can learn this business. It is really important to forget what you knew previous to joining Kleeneze and just follow the system without asking questions. It’s about having blind faith in it and that if you follow it precisely you WILL be successful. To me it’s a bit like following a recipe; you need to follow the method, otherwise, if you change the order of it your end result won’t be what you want it to be!


Always remember we are in the “attraction” business. We attract like for like with what we do and the energy we give off. Therefore, it is really important to be the type of distributor you want to attract into your business. Be honest with yourself and reflective of your own practise. Ask yourself these questions: Do I have a good work ethic?

Kleeneze Training

Am I positive? Am I reliable? Do I listen to my successful Upline? Am I teachable? Am I taking the required action I need to take to fulfil my goals? Is everything I’m doing in the business duplicable? Regardless of our skill-set in life, everything we do in this business is learnable. Just learn to become the person you want to sponsor. Sometimes this may actually be a case of unlearning our bad habits from the past and creating new productive ones.


Wherever we are in life, and whatever we’ve been through, we all need to become a student of this business. Would you start a new career path without going through an induction period of training for your new role? Well, Kleeneze is no different. Speak to your Upline who will be able to advise you on a personal development plan to suit your individual needs. It’s not just about reading books on the industry; it’s about learning people skills, and most importantly – learning about yourself. We all have areas in our lives that we need to give attention to. Mostly it’s these areas in our lives that if left alone will hold us back from fulfilling our full potential. Mine, was dealing with the bereavement of my mother at a young age, and overcoming my weight issue from years of comfort eating to hide my emotions. What’s yours? What’s holding you back from being the best you can be? It could be anxiety, fear, time-management, or personal skills with talking to new people. All areas of your life can be improved by embracing continual personal development.


There is a great saying – “If you’re feeling DOWN then you need the event; but if you’re feeling UP then the event needs you!” I can’t stress enough the importance of attending events. Whether it’s your local BOM, a team sizzle or a Kleeneze Showcase in Birmingham – they are all important to get along to. It is so easy to put off attending something because collecting your catalogues at that point takes priority. Ask yourself – if you were working for a boss and you were told that if you attended a training event, you could have £200 a month pay increase – would you attend? So, why not value the

kleeneze login

Kleeneze Login Here To Place Orders

Kleeneze login

Kleeneze login – It’s easy to login into the Kleeneze website to place your order, check your GSA (Group sales Analysis), check delivery etc.

Click the image below and it will take you straight through to Kleeneze login.

kleeneze login

Join Kleeneze and start to change your lifestyle. Within just a few days, you can start building a different lifestyle for you and your family.

Kleeneze distributors join for lots of reasons. One of the main ones is to address their lifestyle and how they can improve their work-life balance.


Are you driven to earn your own financial freedom? Would you like to be your own boss, working the hours you want? Join Kleeneze and you could earn £200 – £2000+ per month delivering and collecting Kleeneze catalogues on a part or full-time basis around the hours that suit you.

Reasons to join Kleeneze:

  • Build your very own part or full-time business, working the hours you want
  • Clear debts & bills
  • Pay for a holiday, your wedding or a new car
  • Build yourself a better future
  • Personal development
  • Performance incentives (like overseas travel or a Kleeneze branded Mini)
  • Potential earnings of £200 – £2000+ per month depending on commitment

There are thousands of people like you who are already enjoying the freedom of running their own business. In less than a week, you could be one of them. Fill in the form to find out more about how you can join Kleeneze.  Kleeneze Join Here

Kleeneze Period 4 sales 2016

Kleeneze Period 4 sales 2016, these are the sales figures.  We are one of the only companies to ever produce our figures publicly.

100,000 And Above Nasko Ratchev 1,268,406.51

Lynn Macdonald 1,268,166.90

Gavin Scott & Bonnie Arapes 1,251,188.40

Allan & Billie-Dee Moffat 655,558.71

Rob Forster & Laura Forster-Morris 566,317.33

Bob Webb 566,009.37

Freda Fenn & Heather Summers 515,153.34

Margaret Moore & Carren Arscott 514,326.97

Muriel & Tony Judson 502,264.60

Peter & Jackie White 420,241.57

Gillian Nicholson 384,681.04

Glyn & Elizabeth Hobden 331,874.18

Chris & Wendy Mason-Paull 319,608.05

Stephen Bourne & Anne Binks 278,567.72 Craig & John Hawkes 265,262.46 Gary & Esther Watson 254,492.04

Kleeneze Period 4 sales 2016 Below 100,000 Bonus Points

Sue Marshall & Bob Dalton 182,306.93 Mike & Amanda Bibby 151,126.11 Robert & Mary Higgins 145,539.19 Michael & Jean Day 142,448.63 Craig White 135,777.36 Karen & Neil Young 128,780.25 Margaret & Roy Japp 123,891.44 Eamon Lynch & Marie Ryan 105,494.34 Claire & Peter Rea 105,298.43 John & Steven Sharp 101,217.07 Robert Gibbons 101,047.97

Kleeneze Period 4 sales 2016 Below 90,000 Bonus Points

Andy & Claire Stephenson 94,066.14 Melvyn & Lucy Mortimer 87,545.13 Stuart & Robyn-Lee Heard 82,618.39

Kleeneze Period 4 sales 2016 Below 80,000 Bonus Points

Judy Jodrell 78,514.40 Abigail Colclough 75,160.06 Sheila Smith & Emily Geldard 72,899.49 Glenn & Caroline Royston 72,153.66

Kleeneze Period 4 sales 2016 Below 70,000 Bonus Points

Michelle Kennedy 69,257.21 Geoff & Fiona Webb 69,185.40 Helen & Paul Allgood 66,977.01 David & Anne Pemberton-Smith 64,336.61 John & Sarah Mckie 60,265.67

Kleeneze Period 4 sales 2016 Below 60,000 Bonus Points

John & Christine Prosser 58,871.44 Andy & Janine Cooper 58,192.41 Raymond & Miriam Turnbull 55,598.52 Phil & Jean Warrington 54,580.10 Tracy & David Sheehan 52,668.64 Malcolm Ashmore 51,638.85 Adele & Jaime De Caso 51,638.85 Gerry Melanephy & Maureen Mcloughlin 50,022.91

Kleeneze Period 4 sales 2016 Below 50,000 Bonus Points

Richard Woods 47,302.72 Sue & Geoffrey Burras 46,869.53 Jane Spencer-Cook 46,707.76 Chris & Julia Norton 46,104.21 Nuala & Clodagh Mcdonald 45,994.49 Heather & James Oneil 45,871.69 Andrew & Sue Boswell 44,829.55 Alf & Carol Bell 44,698.56 Michael & Susan Pirie 43,918.00 Jennifer Synnott 43,039.00 Stephen Smith & Dennis Chamberlain 42,666.95 David & Samantha Branch 41,880.62 Stephen & Debra Nell 41,600.69 Susan & David Darton 40,612.01 Keith & Robert Robertson 40,608.60 Richard Chantler 40,207.60

Kleeneze Period 4 sales 2016 Below 40,000 Bonus Points

Caroline & Craig Cox 39,301.07 Mary & Edward Hawkes 38,997.55 Ian & Agnieszka Clarke 37,969.68 Tony & Katharine Briffa 37,250.53 Robert & Marianna Grinev-Branch 37,228.58 Joseph & Julie Brame 37,021.28 Debra & Oliver Pusey 36,764.11 Jane & John Dunkerley 36,223.82 15,000 And Above David & Rosie Bibby 34,062.16 Martin Bell & Caroline Roberts 33,389.09 Martin Gardner & Allison Butterworth 33,389.07 Brian Harwood & Debbie Hargreaves 33,258.22 Stephani & Bill Neville 32,880.01 Carol Simpson & Douglas Clark 32,407.20 Steve & Debbie Roper 31,635.47 Kevin Rider 31,615.14 Deborah Morgan 31,031.95 Jill Corlett 30,436.90 Sue & Jas Bains 30,012.52

Kleeneze Period 4 sales 2016 7500 Below 30,000 Bonus Points

Mike & Dawn Gough 29,471.03 Sharon & Andrew Bird 29,137.60 John & Kathryn Webb 28,687.40 Paul & Carolyn Blaxall 28,212.83 David Birtwistle & Angela Tonkin 27,950.84 Kathleen & Dominic Carolan 27,831.63 Helen & Andrew Walsh 27,680.61 Andrew Buxton & Laura Kelly 27,629.32 Lindsay Gonsalves & Danny Young 26,510.23 Belinda & Peter Clarke 26,168.52 Dave & Susie Horton 26,115.15 Rosina Pocock 26,087.71 Doug & Sandra Roper 25,849.37 Irene & Helen Wilson 25,627.79 Deborah & Allan Dewar 25,396.24 Sunil Popat 25,247.45 Paul Tawn & Clare Bason 25,247.45 Andrew & Carolyn Walkinshaw 24,666.68 Mary Mullins 24,217.21 Ian & Sally Williams 24,074.05 Lauren & Peter Jackson 23,970.24 Christopher Conroy 23,906.59 Lorraine & Ian Balcombe 23,906.59 Peter & Myrna Wellock 23,221.49 Lee-Anne & Michael Gilroy 22,944.84 Gary Cooper & Jackie Norris 22,707.49 Jacqui & Stephen Mccormick 21,537.32 Christopher & Louise Brown 21,092.25 Sylvia & Ramon Laing 20,693.10 Debbie Gee & David White 20,622.64 Andrew Ridley & Louise Lee 20,568.32 Lewis & Lewis Clarke 20,544.06 Michele & Brian Hewitt 20,083.24 Craig Skellern & Lesleyanne Fitzgibbon 20,022.81 Karen & Peter Flitton

Kleeneze Period 4 sales 2016 10,000 to 20,000 Bonus Points

19,937.79 Karen Kelly 19,689.39 James Curtis 19,159.35 Tracey Payne & Harvey Kent 18,990.03 Karim & May Karmali 18,874.49 Michael & Sandra Laydon 18,330.66 Julie Collier & Peter Richards 18,230.60 Jennifer & Martin Amos 18,179.52 Trevor Mitchell 18,163.32 Maria & Derrick Longwright 17,740.77 Christine & Jim Foster 17,682.00 Sharon & Craig Davis 17,614.03 Jackie Hand 17,494.26 Ron & Judy Speirs 17,165.22 Clare & Martin Whitelock 16,753.92 Wendy English 16,684.78 Paul & Alison Taylor 16,548.19 Stuart & Gail Mckibbin 16,426.45 Jay Singh 16,081.87 Jackie Bower 15,515.62 Roger & Barbara Green 15,468.67 Alexandra Tuesley 15,429.50 Georgina & Will Goodger 15,307.76 Steve Johnson & Rosemary Rowntree 15,217.35 Alison & Michael Ogden 15,147.32 Paul & Helen Wilson 15,116.88

 Anthony Greeves 14,969.27 Carole & Benny Morris 14,969.27 Karen Boardman 14,778.48 Stanley & Roy Stewart 14,666.40 Sakuntla Kalyan 14,556.72 Sandra Masterson 14,207.74 Alison Ford 14,051.04 Keith Sandland 13,982.94 Tony Fasulo & Julie White-Fasulo 13,835.03 Christopher Reay & Lesley Coan 13,689.28 Adam Swire & Deborah Heron 13,634.74 Linda Brooks & Jason Belverstone 13,414.28 Graham & Lorna Carter 13,395.82 David & Elizabeth Pope 13,293.12 Rhian & E Anthony Jones 13,246.34 John Gilham & Wendy Nimmo 13,071.89 Kerry & Paul Stonall 12,972.79 Melanie Wilson 12,925.89 Nicole Cawood & Richard Swallow 12,719.41 Jason Allan 12,719.41 Jude & Steve Joyce 12,684.43 Timothy & Tina Pace 12,564.95 Mark & Sarah Wildman 12,564.95 Gail & Darren Drew 12,401.33 Clive & Nicola Cantrill 12,196.49 Kerry Connelly 12,152.13 Gabrielle Broadstock 12,056.61

Mark Law 11,954.69 Eileen French 11,929.08 Christopher & Sarah Smith 11,884.88 Christine & Adrian Wright 11,853.08 Pamela Kent 11,783.58 Chantele & Barry Travis 11,749.04 Teresa Divers & Bryony Hayward 11,678.52 Chris & Clare Kinsella 11,622.43 Marcell & Joanne Treanor 11,616.85 Michael & Jennifer Allsop 11,413.63 Steve & Cathy Chambers 11,062.10 Lucinda Bennett & Nigel Manning 10,989.70 Andrew & Ann Meldrum 10,969.32 Craig & Linda Lomas 10,849.10 Laura Harrison & Paul Sharp 10,487.01 David Wilson & Julie Knight 10,376.91 Robert & Jacqueline Dolan 10,187.12 Trevor & Janet Rawding 10,178.48 Steven Harding & Narissa Mather 10,165.10 Marie & Jeremy Simmonds 10,077.92 Louise Conlan 10,058.97

Kleeneze Period 4 sales 2016 7500 to 10,000 Bonus Points

Kelly & Ian Nash 9,957.06 Carole & James Sunter 9,921.14 David Byatt & Janet Smith 9,895.28 Sylvia & Gary Green 9,877.90 Jaqueline Mullings & Steven Mee 9,848.91 Dara Mcgarry 9,783.38 Sarah & Nigel Masling 9,675.45 Andrew & Susan Fountaine 9,626.74 Caroline & Philip Thompson 9,626.60 David & Paula Arapes 9,528.25 Richard Scott 9,528.25 Alastair Miller 9,475.33 David Miller & Angela Jeffries 9,475.33 Nick & Grace Sassanelli 9,447.75 Lesley Burroughs 9,434.08 Lynette Taaffe & Marty Carton 9,416.55 Bob & Diane Goulding 9,294.23 Vikki & Bernie Titterrell 9,267.48 Martin Webb 9,200.22 Sheila & Nigel Fowler 9,187.43 Diane & Geoff Owen 9,155.46 Kimberley Sunter 9,145.27 Martyn Cunningham 9,087.85 Georgina & Phil Gale 9,082.65 Emma & David Kyffin 9,066.77

Jeffrey & Frances Topple 8,970.47 Michael Godwin 8,970.47 Samantha Rushton & Dean Worrall 8,929.87 Ram & Joginder Singh 8,913.82 Peter & Sheryl Dutton 8,911.48 Elizabeth & Ian Hyams 8,832.71 Paul Meikle 8,779.19 Clive & Bev Currier 8,767.61 Barry & Cecilia Bradbury 8,755.33 Omran Zaman 8,647.79 Keri & Mark Watters 8,636.97 Iain & Jackie Swanston 8,636.42 Melissa Squires & Ian Slade 8,589.37 Marlene & Robert Somerville 8,558.31 Alex & Kathleen Langler 8,553.12 David Wise 8,431.81 Gerard & Claire Tucker-Mawr 8,383.20 Ivan Darch 8,352.31 Sharon Bullock & David Taylor 8,335.97 Louise Puttick 8,335.97 Peter Neesham 8,296.98 John Halsall 8,293.23 Barbara Margaret Webb 8,264.53 Kelly Taylor 8,240.95 Abigail Allgood 8,221.26 Arthur & Susan Cuthbert 8,204.85 Kevin Davies & Deborah Parker 8,177.42 John & Jenny Caton 8,147.71 Susan Coleman & Robert Holdford 8,134.63 Kira & Andrew Thomas 8,102.43 April Pigdon 8,076.79 Julie & Shane Edward Baker 8,054.06 Alice Lloyd & Geoffrey Lock 8,054.06 Jacqueline & Steven Ellis 8,047.24 Robert Young & Clare Mears 8,043.82 Daniel & Michelle Marshall 8,038.34 Roger & Gillian Coupe 8,035.46 David & Jenny Gerry 8,017.16

Kleeneze Period 4 sales 2016 Below 8,000 Bonus Points

Steve & Louise Mcgough 7,979.03

Denise & Stephen Neal 7,935.82

Andrae Lyth 7,928.02 Coleen & Stephen Batchelor 7,926.86

Tim & Emma Sandom 7,895.73 Veronica Nixon 7,874.22 Douglas & Kirsteen Hamilton 7,838.03 Tony & Julie Brown 7,791.57 Stephen & Rebecca Gilbert 7,773.40 Peter Savidge 7,772.47 Mary Hession & Geraldine Twamley 7,747.18 Stephen & Dorothy Hanlon 7,718.80 Elaine & Martin Spafford 7,712.87 Tina & John Porter 7,709.67 Kenneth Rooney 7,644.70 Keith Glass & Margaret Holvec 7,642.18 Amy Warrington 7,639.66 Dot Mckillen 7,637.45 Tom & Kathryn Forbes 7,609.22 Zoe Climpson & Will Joseph 7,571.48 Barry & Glynys Broad 7,555.30 Luke & Sarah Hailstone 7,528.93 Stuart Hill & Anne-Marie Halder 7,501.94