A single mum earning an extra £400 per month.

Moira Latto

Moira Latto
In my early 20’s, my ambition was to become a museum curator. I completed a degree in archaeology at university, but then realised that I would have to carry on studying for another 3 years to gain the relevant qualifications.

I got an office job instead, doing book-keeping and clerical work.

Later I got married and spent most of my time caring for my 3 young children. I did a little paid book-keeping and later worked in a care home as a support worker with people with dementia.

However, I always lacked childcare. This limited what I could do and the income that I could expect to achieve.

In 2008 I was separated, and in January 2009 I joined Kleeneze. Now I can earn money while being there to look after my kids, showing them that I can take control of my life and become financially independent. 

I have worked on the retail side of the business and was awarded Newcomer of the Year 2009. I am now working on growing my business by building a team.

There are no limitations on my income. I am there for my family and there for my growing team. I am constantly learning about how to build the business and have set my plans and goals high for the coming year.

Moira Latto