£331 in my first 4 weeks Emma Lamb

Emma Lamb

Ex Recruitment Consultant
I joined Kleeneze after finishing as a recruitment consultant in Leeds city centre. I had quit my job because I was so sick of my bosses and industry slow down. I was frustrated with the lack of support and training.

I was at third stage interviews with two large international recruitment agencies when I came across Kleeneze.

I was so amazed at the incomes people were earning and it’s such a simple business anyone can join and do fantastic in it. Plus the training is second to none. I thought ‘at last this is my chance to get out of the rat race and sack the boss!’

1st cheque in my 1st 4 weeks. As you can see I definitely made my initial investment back and was in profit. Within those 4 weeks I also hit a bonus level that is 10% extra paid into my bank. 

Emma Lamb cheque 1

I went to one of the monthly training seminars and got recognition for this. I work around my life now; I don’t have to put life on hold for my career anymore.

I’m really looking forward to progressing more with this company and at last I feel I’ve found something were there is no back stabbing or office politics.

As the saying goes; if you love what you do, you’ll never have to work again. 

2nd Cheque – I’ve now hit another bonus level of 13% extra money from Kleeneze and this is just from retailing the products. Next month I’ll have shown other people how to do the same and the money will rise again!
Emma Lamb cheque 2

5 months in to my Kleeneze business and this is my earning for a 4-week period of part time work. I have now built a small team with the help from the Kleeneze network and I have a fantastic customer base that grows every month. The catalogues are much easier to do now and I can spend more time on team building and helping others make money too.

The Certificate of Income shown below is the official Kleeneze payment for the 4 – week period number 2009.02 

Emma Lamb cheque 3